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Enhanced will develop an inter-operable platform system for autonomous sensors and electronics using thermoelectric energy harvesting.

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The ENHANCED project (ENergy Harvester for AutoNomous Commercial Electronic Devices) will develop an inter-operable platform system for autonomous sensors and electronics, consisting of a sensor that is powered by thermoelectric energy harvesting technology.


ENHANCED will combine thermal energy harvesting (thermoelectrics) with energy storage to achieve minimal power usage. The system will be specifically for marine and automotive applications with the thermoelectric generator (TEG) hot-side in contact with the vehicle or vessel exhaust. It will be based on a standard platform for a range of sensors based on a core processor with the consortium building the architecture (antenna and interconnects) around this. The system will be modular and interchangeable.



To create an integrated thermoelectric (TE) energy harvester, energy storage, electronics and sensor system for wireless communications powered by waste exhaust heat for marine and automotive applications in-line with the end-user requirements.

To achieve a reliability of up to 10 years for the integrated system.

Project ends


May 2017

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European Thermodynamics Limited

Rolls-Royce (Marine)

The University of Surrey

European Thermodynamics (ETDYN) is a research performing SME based in Leicestershire, UK.

ETDYN design, analyse and supply thermal management systems to a wide range of industrial sectors, providing engineering solutions from concept through to supply.

European Thermodynamics have extensive experience in thermoelectric materials and have undertaken various research and development projects to improve manufacturing processes for thermoelectric generators.

Rolls-Royce has a world-leading range of capabilities in the marine market, encompassing the design, supply and support of power and propulsion systems. They are leaders in the integration of technologically complex systems for offshore oil and gas, merchant and naval surface and submarine vessels. Comprehensive life support for their customers is provided through an expanding global network of service facilities.

The University of Surrey's Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences research interests include Engineering Materials, Fluid Dynamics, and applied studies in Aerodynamics, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Flows, Structural Integrity and Vehicle Engineering. The Department's Functional Nanomaterials Group conducts world leading research in the area of additive manufacture of functional devices for energy and sensor applications.

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Visit the website

Visit the website

Enhanced is co-ordinated by European Thermodynamics Limited.


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